Classic Flattering Maternity Swimwear

Our Maternity Swimwear is simple and flattering. Available in one piece and two piece. Designed to flatter your growing pregnancy bump. Side Gathers gently open to fit you from a teeny bump to full term, comfortably!  We’ve added hidden bust support too, for superb supportive comfort. Once baby arrives the gathers help to camouflage your post pregnancy belly. A win win for you.

This Maternity Swimming Costume is manufactured in an imported two way stretch lycra. Your maternity costume gives you the opportunity to join in the fun and lounge at the pool or on the beach with everyone else. Can also be used at the gym as a maternity leotard, helping you keep fit while looking good.

Need a cover-up for your maternity swimwear? Our ‘6 in 1’ skirt / top will work perfectly.

Classic Flattering Maternity Swimwear 4

Safety in the sun – advice for Pregnant Women

Taking precautions and understanding the risks is important. Drink enough water and minimize sun exposure to prevent overheating, and make sure you are using proper sunscreen to minimize skin damage.

Here are a few other steps you can take:

Avoid going out during the middle part of the day.

Wear a large, floppy hat and sunglasses that protect your eyes, ears, and face

Look for appropriate and approved sunscreens for use in pregnancy

Wear loose, light clothing that covers your skin when in the sun.