Maternity Sleepwear

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Maternity Sleepwear

We spend a large part of life sleeping, it makes perfect sense then that you will need some comfortable Maternity Sleepwear right?

Pregnancy is 9 months, nursing and breastfeeding can go on for a year or more! Lets be realistic on what we really need!

  • We need EASE OF ACCESS to breastfeed your new bundle.
  • We need COMFORT.…ACTUALLY, maybe that should be No. 1, but for our selfless mommy purposes we’ll make it no 2!
  • We need to be PRESENTABLE! The reality is there will be days you only shower and dress long after noon! Unexpected visitors DO show up, especially in the early days.
  • Hospital! You’ll need all 3 of the above!
  • While lacy, strappy lingerie may look fab in pics, the truth is, its not especially suitable for our needs above. Who wants their father in law oggling them or you need to make an emergency nappy run?!

While we’re quietly having a ‘mom to be’ girl talk, we also must confess our dirty little secret – that often our favourite pyjamas are often a comfortable old well loved t-shirt that is no longer presentable to the rest of the world. (Its stretched out, worn out or has the odd hole.)

A LOT of maternity wear tops are perfectly suited for Maternity sleepwear.

Below you’ll find our recommended tops that can do double duty,as well as extend your budget and go on to be your perfect maternity sleepwear. You may even decide to spoil yourself ( YES mama – you’re worth it!) and get a few extra in different colors that you keep aside, just for use as maternity pyjamas after your delivery.