Buy (and Sell) your Pre loved maternity wear safely here!

Buy and Sell your Pre-Loved, high quality Maternity Wear here !

For years we fielded the question ‘Do you buy and sell second hand maternity wear?” The answer was always No, we have re thought this. The world is changing.

Covid-19 has accelerated that for every single one of us. People are making more conscious lifestyle choices and Budgets are stretched. We created a platform for YOU – helping to Reduce, Re use and Recycle by giving you a safe secure space to buy and sell your high quality pre loved maternity wear here. PLUS add some cash to your pocket of course

Use this no contact platform to:

  • Declutter your cupboards,
  • Safely sell your per loved maternity wear
  • Add some cash to your pocket!

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7 Great Reasons to Buy and Sell Pre-loved Maternity Wear

  1. Reselling fashion helps with sustainability of the environment
  2. Financially smart
  3. By Reducing manufacturing we save the planets non renewable resources.
  4. Conscious living Lifestyle – many people are trying to reduce their impact on the planet and their pocket by ‘not buying new’.
  5. An uncluttered cupboard
  6. Great clothing gets a second chance.
  7. Extra cash in your pocket!

*We Have very Strict Criteria on Quality

  • NO – Pilling of fabric
  • NO – Stains
  • NO – Missing labels  –  Size / brand labels must be intact.
  • NO – Broken buttons or zips etc
  • NO – Holes or tears – unless they are an obvious part of the design for eg ripped jeans
  • NO Dirt – Items must be freshly laundered. They need to look and smell freshly laundered!

How do I get my preloved maternity wear Listed? Its so easy. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you.

Q- Why not sell myself?

A- You can of course! BUT it’s often a hassle, people don’t pitch up to meet you, safety concerns are a serious issue. The time it takes to meet/msg etc.  We have the perfect platform, moms to be are here looking for maternity wear already !

Items received that don’t adhere to the criteria above will need to be returned to you at your cost, or we  can donate to a charity on your behalf. If your items have not sold within 6 months of being listed we can return to you, at your cost, or donate to a charity on your behalf.

We charge 25% commission for the use of our platform and processing of your sales. You will receive payment into your account within 3 days of confirmation received from buyer that they are 100% happy with items.

REDUCING HUMAN IMPACT ON OUR PLANET – It’s something we care passionately about.

Some of the things we do ‘in house’ that reflect our ethos of reduce, reuse recycle:

– All our fabric off cuts are donated to a township animal rescue where they use them stuffing for pets bedding.

– All usable ‘reject’ garments in the manufacture process are donated to charity.

We limit use of plastics by sending our orders wrapped in paper– NO PLASTIC!

We do not package each garment in a separate plastic packet.