Maternity leggings under bump style


Our Maternity Under Bump Leggings in 2 fabulous fabric options:

  • Ponti lycra blend for the cold winter weather keeping you warm and comfortable.
  • Cotton lycra for summer, cooler and thinner for summer,great for workouts like preggy gym, yoga etc.
  • The ‘under the bump’ style is designed to fit under bump and cut in a curve, shaped to fit the beutiful curve of your pregnant belly.
  • Underbelly is epecially great for those sensitive to anything fitting snugly over your baby bump.Fit perfectly during your pregnancy and postpartum.
  • With hidden adjustable buttonhole elastic, this means you adjust as you grow so very comfortably!
  • Lycra in both fabric options enables great stretch and comfort- a must have for preggy leggings.

Leggings are great for after early delivery too, over bump design is supportive for post partum, soft over your cesarean cut and adjustable elastic means you can adjust as you shrink too. Many moms to be actually choose to use them as maternity pyjama pants.

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Our Maternity leggings are available in two fabulous fabrics a thicker Ponti lycra blend and a cotton designs. The ‘under the bump’ style is designed and cut in a curve to hug just below your pregnant belly and fit perfectly during your pregnancy. With hidden adjustable buttonhole elastic. Leggings are great for after early delivery too, and many moms to be actually sleep in them. The Ponti fabric is perfect for winter, keeping you warm and comfortable. The cotton lycra ones are cooler and thinner for summer. Both are supportive and comfortable.


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Legging fabric

Cotton (thinner – cotton lycra blend), Ponti (thick – nylon lycra blend)

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