Maternity Swimwear

Maternity Swimwear (with Hidden Bust Support!)

  • Comfortable – adjusts as you grow
  • Flattering
  • Gathers expand with your baby bump
  • Classic Design Maternity Swimwear
  • Hidden Bust Support for comfort
  • Perfect for any stage of your pregnancy
  • Luxurious imported 2 way stretch swim lycra

Looking for a beach or pool cover up for your maternity swimwear?

Designed to grow with you, our Maternity swimwear is both simple and flattering. In one piece and two piece design, you can wear as your pregnancy progresses without worrying about irritating your skin or restricting your mobility. Our side gathers added to our Maternity Swimsuits gently open to fit you from a teeny bump to full term comfortably and smoothly! Hidden bust support too, for superb supportive comfort. Our luxurious soft feel fabric with 2 way stretch provides you with a flattering supportive fit. Fabric is chlorine reistant and offers UPF 50+ Protection. Perfect for any stage of your pregnancy. Maternity swimwear in South Africa is a must,we live in a climate that enables swimming all summer with great access to pools and beaches. Don’t miss out on the fun, get your preggy swimming costumes here.

Sun Safety during Pregnancy

pregnancy Protection from the sun

Taking precautions and understanding the risks is important. Drink enough water and minimize sun exposure to prevent overheating, and make sure you are using proper sunscreen to minimize skin damage.

  • Avoid going out in the sun during the middle part of the day.
  • Wear a large, floppy hat and sunglasses that protect your eyes, ears, and face.
  • Look for appropriate, safe and approved sunscreens for use in pregnancy
  • Wear loose, light clothing that covers your skin when in the sun.
  • Hydrate, keep a bottle of water close.


Top Benefits of swimming while pregnant!

Tummies Maternity swimwear
  • Relieve ankle and foot swelling
  • Ease sciatic pain
  • Reduce morning sickness
  • Keep you cool
  • Improve your labour and delivery experience
  • Works both of your large muscle groups (arms and legs).
  • Low impact and gentle on your body
  • Counteracts increased back strain from your expanding belly
  • Can help you keep your weight within a healthy rangeTop Benefits of swimming while pregnant!