Pregnancy –  the Weird, the Wonderful and the Whaaaaat?

Pregnancy –  the Weird, the Wonderful and the Whaaaaat?

A fun, factual look at some of the magic that Pregnancy brings.

The weird – symptoms of pregnancy can start as early as 4 weeks!

The weird – Did you know the first symptoms of pregnancy can start as early as 4 weeks! Common pregnancy symptoms apart from the obvious (a missed period- this too is not always a guarantee)) can be a metal taste in your mouth, tender boobs and ugh nausea, also know as morning sickness. Why it’s called that is anyone’s guess because you can unfortunately feel nauseas all day! Other early symptoms are tiredness, which can range from just a little weary to extreme exhaustion. Oh and increased bathroom breaks, need to urinate frequently is another common symptom

The wonderful – You can feel your baby moving from 7 weeks

feel baby moving from as early as 7 weeks

When will you First feel baby moving? Known as quickening, your baby will be moving from 7 weeks but you will probably only be able to feel it at around 16 to 22 weeks. At first you’ll think what is that?  A little fluttering so similar to butterflies in your tummy when you’re anxious or excited about something. There it is again! Is it? Can it be.. yes it IS, your little one is moving. It’s a memory that will last forever. Take note of the date for your preggy diary!

The whaaat? – Porridge brain!

Porridge brain, a not too flattering term used for concentration issues that are common in the first trimester. Feeling mentally fuzzy is common in the early months, you may do silly things like forget where your keys are. Go into a room with zero memory of why you’re there. It’s all normal, ok and common. Just be kind to yourself rest and know that it WILL pass. Its a combination of hormones, being tired and all the hard work your body is putting into growing your little one.

The weird – Preggy Hormone crazies!

Mood Swings, yet another roller coaster that pregnancy invites into your life. It’s those hormones again. If you usually experienced PMS you may be more likely to experience mood swings in your pregnancy. Happy one minute, sobbing the next! No you’re not losing the plot. It’s common, it’s ok and once again, be kind to yourself. All the usual self-care tips apply! Mood swings in pregnancy generally taper off after the first trimester. If they don’t, there are things you can do to help. Speak to your gynae or midwife and get help if it becomes all too much!

The Wonderful – extra extra preggy glow!

Those hormones again, as in all the extra estrogen, progesterone, and hCG. As well as increased blood flow for your baby, all this combined  can make your hair, nails and skin can change significantly. Hair will most likely grow faster, be stronger and shinier. That’s a win. Same for nails, they’ll grow faster, be stronger and less likely to break. Your Skin too may develop a lovely rosy cheeked blush, the oft spoken of glow that expecting mamas have. Enjoy!

The Whaaat – what IS that smell?

Your sense of smell can weirdly be heightened during pregnancy. Foods that used to smell amazing can send you heaving to the bathroom. Floral fragrances you loved before can now give you a headache! Increased sense of smell in pregnancy is called hyperosmia. What causes it you ask? Well, by now you probably know…yip yip it’s those hormones again! Can you do anything to change it? It will dissipate after birth and for now keep things that are appealing around, sniff a fresh lemon or mint anything that you do enjoy to counteract a strong unpleasant smell!

The weird – eating dirt?

Your preggy cravings can be decidedly odd! Known as pica some moms get very unusual cravings. Like the overwhelming urge to eat non food items for eg. chalk or sand. While this is obviously not a good idea at all, ensuring your eat a well balanced diet can help eliminate these unusual cravings. If they continue despite healthy food choices, speak to your carer or a nutritionist to see what your body is craving and find a safe food substitute.

The Whaaat – Big foot.

The hormone relaxin released during pregnancy to soften your tendons and ligaments in readiness for pregnancy and actual birth can affect your feet too.The tendons and ligaments in your feet can soften too, resulting in a flatter wider foot. Some moms report going back to their original foot size after pregnancy, others say their feet stayed the same size after.

The Wonderful – your baby can hear your voice in the womb!

From about 18 weeks, your babies sense of hearing will start to develop. This will increase rapidly over the next weeks. Many moms use this time to sing and talk to their bambino,even play music. Use this time to start building a bond and after birth baby will be easily calmed on hearing your voice and familiar music. The sounds are muffled as she is surrounded by fluid by easily hear.including your heartbeat and tummy growling! *One of our staff watched a soapie daily during her pregnancy. After her baby arrived she noticed as soon as the intro music played her baby would pause and turn his head, obviously recognizing the same music!

Have you experienced anything weird or wonderful during your preggnacy? We’d love to hear your story!Share it with us here and we’ll add it to the list.