Sizing guide – Choose the best size to fit YOU and last



Bust: 81 cm – 89 cm 

Hip band area 90 cm to 95 cm


Bust: 89 cm – 97 cm  

Hip band area 95 cm to 99 cm


Bust: 97 cm – 103 cm

Hip band area 99 cm to 105 cm


Bust: 103 cm – 110 cm

Hip band area 105 cm to 110 cm

For a perfect and lasting fit.

Generally you would order your maternity wear in your pre-pregnancy size. Correctly designed Maternity wear is cut to fit your body normally. Tummies Maternity wear designs, take into account that you have a growing tummy and the changes that go with pregnancy when designing our range. If you have gained more than expected weight, or having twins, only then are you likely to need to go up a size. 

Still not sure? See picture above on where to measure. Wrap the tape measure around your body, to get an accurate measurement.

A. Bust – wrap tape around you at the widest part.
B. Hip band – wrap tape around you where the hip band of your pants will fit you.
C. Hip – wrap tape around you at the widest part of hip/butt.

Why we suggest you take your measurements if you’re unsure? 
We have all experienced going into a store and grabbing the size you normally wear only to find when you fit it on, that particular store’s size 10 for e.g. is actually closer to a 14, or the other way round! Having your measurements helps ensure the right size to fit you, taking into account the expected the growth you will be going through
No tape measure?

No problem, use some string and measure the string on a ruler

Let us know your basic measurements by adding them to the “additional information” section when ordering (see screen capture below)  if you’re at all unsure. We’re here to help and will guide you, ensuring the correct size to fit you and last.  Or contact us here